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Trapped In a Timeshare Contract? We Match Timeshare Owners with Timeshare Transfer companies, Timeshare Liquidation companies, and Timeshare Cancellation Law Firms, depending on each individual case. We connect timeshare owners with agencies that offer Guarantees to help them get OUT of their Timeshare and Release them of all of their Timeshare's perpetual fees & financial obligations. You may be eligible even if you have a Mortgage. Imagine what it would be like with no more fees and headaches!

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Once you are formally Released of all your Timeshare Obligations, you will receive a letter that states “Congratulations – You Are Out Of Your Timeshare!”

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Our affiliates' proven, results-driven timeshare exit programs offer Best Service Guarantees to help you get out of your timeshare contract obligations. You will be provided the offer to terminate your timeshare in approximately 3 - 12 months (in cases with mortgages the exit process may take up to 18 months). Also, Paid In Full timeshares are guaranteed to be transferred or in process within the one year after you, the client, submit your file documents, or you will receive your money back.

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D. HarperD. Harper
Thank you for helping us to no longer be responsible for the timeshare we had. You are a very professional, great business that helped us to be free of our contract. You helped and explained to us step by step through the process.
P. MonetteP. Monette
My case was handled very quickly and simply. Everyone I dealt with was professional and helpful. I definitely recommend this service.
F. CresciF. Cresci
Thank you!!!! I am no longer stuck with a membership that can not be used. I learned my lesson with purchasing a timeshare.
D. ClarkD. Clark
They were great! Was able to get out of my timeshare in a speedy manner and I'm now enjoying all the money that I normally would spend on it once a month. Thank you guys again!
S. WyattS. Wyatt
We were excited to have this contract ended. Thank you so much for helping us! It had been such a burden and waste of money for us every month. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 M. Erb M. Erb
Thank you for successfully releasing me from my time share at Orange Lake. You have been very helpful and patient with me. I truly thank you for getting me released!

The comprehensive and secure process, used by our affiliated timeshare transfer companies, timeshare liquidation companies and timeshare cancellation law firms, has earned us a proven record in successfully getting timeshare owners out of their contractual and financial obligations.

How to Get Out of a Timeshare

Not all timeshare cancellations are handled the same way. Some timeshare memberships are worthless while others may hold some value. Maybe you have an existing timeshare mortgage, or you may have paid it off in full. Were you a victim of timeshare fraud, lies and misrepresentation? You may be eligible to cancel your contract even if you have a mortgage. Imagine what it would be like with no more fees and headaches of the Timeshare that no longer serves you.

Whatever your situation, the professionals used by We Cancel Timeshares have the know-how to guide you through the seemingly daunting task of getting out of your timeshare once and for all. The only thing you need to decide is which timeshare cancellation option will fit you the best.

At We Cancel Timeshares we refer you to experts with approximately 100 years of combined experience in national timeshare industry law, contract law, bankruptcy law, tax law and general consumer protection law.

A timeshare is difficult, but not impossible, to be cancelled. Our affiliates provide quick, affordable and permanent solutions to your timeshare dilemma. Call us today or fill out our Contact Form below to schedule a consultation. Let our knowledgeable experts empower you to stand up for your rights!

Our Proven Process

We have a proven process that has yields the cancellation of thousands of Timeshare owners' contracts. Getting rid of a Timeshare is not a simple task. We Cancel Timeshares offers one of the best ways to dump your Timeshare.

With our affiliates' knowledgeable assistance, you will be guided through the process of getting rid of your Timeshare and all associated mortgage, maintenance and assessment fees. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our pricing information.

While others may advertise "get rid of my Timeshare for free" opportunities, we focus on providing quality service to our clients that meets their needs and answers their urgent question "How to get rid of Timeshare property?" – we have the answer!

» Timeshare Resort Exit Program: We assign a professional intake manager to assist in your case to get you out of your timeshare. We Cancel Timeshares is a professional corporation with multiple associations and or firms, all specializing in timeshare contract transfer, liquidation and cancellation.

By using We Cancel Timeshares, you will be able to enjoy the services we provide through our many contracted attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers and a wide variety of resort industry professionals.

» Starter Package to Client: A welcome letter is sent to you, the client, with the contact numbers of the customer service department and the assigned specialist that will be assisting with your file.

» Timeshare Document Search - Client sends all requested documents to customer service for handling. Specialist uses documents to prepare cancellation file.

» Timeshare Document Preparation - Professionally draft the documents necessary to cancel Timeshare Ownership.

» Timeshare Release Specialists Action - Specialist assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to resort for cancellation.

» Timeshare Resort Acceptance - Resort receives the demand letter for your Timeshare Resort Contract Cancellation.

» Timeshare Release Client Notification - Clients are notified in writing that they are released of all of their timeshare obligations. You will receive as fast as possible an official letter that says "Congratulations! You are released of your timeshare".

The Many Reasons to Exit your Timeshare

As a timeshare owner your first question after the fateful signing of the timeshare resort contract might be "can I simply cancel the purchase of the timeshare membership I just made from the developer?" The short answer is "YES", you certainly should try to do this.

You most likely are having second thoughts about such a costly and significant purchase (and one that can be a hassle to get out of) means without a doubt, you must make a concerted attempt to cancel that timeshare contract immediately.

Do not simply go ahead with the purchase of the timeshare resort contract thinking that it truly is a "hot deal", because even if you do the research and find out its exactly what you want, that same deal will be available for you from that same resort next week, next month, even likely next year. You only have one shot at cancelling the contract, and if you do not act ASAP you will be unable to rescind the membership.

Justifiable reasons to cancel the timeshare contract include:

» You can get the exact same timeshare from an existing timeshare owner on the resale market, such as EBay, for a small fraction (like 0 to 15%) of the money you just laid out for the timeshare membership.

» You probably felt pressured into making such a large purchase without having the time to do the research.

» You most likely were invited to a trip, meal or event, which turned into a grueling sales pitch.

» You may have made a larger financial commitment than you are comfortable with now that you are home and have had a decent amount time to think about what just happened.

» You most likely not know exactly what you purchased and how timeshares function.

» You probably got saddled with a very high interest rate to finance your timeshare membership purchase.

» You most likely have buyer's remorse!

Fortunately for you there is a multiple of logical reasons to cancel your timeshare contract, and no valid reasons not to back out now and do your research until you are perfectly comfortable that you are making the right decision.

If you're the victim of timeshare misrepresentations, contact us to schedule a timeshare release consultation to find out how to get rid of your timeshare contract.

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Our affiliates' proven, results-driven timeshare cancellation programs will legitimately END YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT.

DISCLAIMER: If you are suffering from a financial hardship and are no longer able to afford or simply want to sell your timeshare, call your timeshare company and see if they are willing to take back their timeshare as many of the timeshare developers have programs designed for those in financial distress or simply want to sell. If, however, your timeshare does not have a program that fits your needs and it seems like you will be stuck with the timeshare and its obligations to pay maintenance fees for life, you should consult with We Cancel Timeshares, our affiliated lawyers are familiar with these laws. In sum, do not despair, hope exists for those timeshare owners, who wish to cancel their timeshare contract and no longer be burdened by their timeshare and it's lifetime of financial obligations.