How Does One Write A Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Timeshare Cancellation Letter

A timeshare is something that a lot of people on. A timeshare is a shared ownership of a model vacation a real estate property in which multiple owners on allotments of usage, typically in weekly or monthly increments. The timeshare model can actually be applied to a lot of different types of properties like vacation resorts, apartments, campgrounds, beach houses, condominiums and more.

There are a lot of benefits that would include when it comes to owning a timeshare unit. It is like owning a vacation home, at a particular time for the year. There are some drawbacks, as well. A drawback that is very prevalent is that there is a lack of flexibility. You will also have to be paying an annual maintenance fee, even if you do not use it. You will also have to consider that there is a lot of difficulties that come along when it comes to reselling a timeshare property or even cancelling a timeshare.
In this guide, I am going to be talking about how one writes a timeshare cancellation letter.
If you are somebody who has reached the boiling point when it comes to the timeshare, it is time to take action. Before you go ahead and send off a letter, you need to take a deep breath, collect all of your thoughts and draft the letter when you are feeling calm.

Cancellation Letter

1. Firstly, you need to get your cancellation request in writing. You definitely cannot skip this step. You should go ahead and buy yourself a folder where you will be keeping all your timeshare cancellation related records. You are going to need it. Your cancellation request is not an email. It should be typed out and printed on a real piece of paper. You need to keep a copy for your own records.

2. Make sure that you include a proper and clear request of cancellation of your timeshare. You must be very clear that you are a writing a cancellation request. You should not be a jerk. You just have to be firm, and you need to let them know that you are requesting a cancellation.

3. Make sure that you list out all of the important details. The person who is receiving the timeshare cancellation letter must know everything in a plain and simple manner. Your job would be to include all of the details that they will need in order to keep your request. Make sure that you include your name in the letter. You should also make sure that you include the name of the contact holder and the contact number. The purchase date is also essential, along with the membership ID.

Cancellation Letter

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