How Do I Properly Cancel My Timeshare?

Properly Cancel My Timeshare

A timeshare is a shared ownership of a vacation property where the property will have multiple owners, and you will have exclusive rights to use the property whenever it is assigned to you. Timeshares are usually available for a lot of different types of vacation properties like resorts, condominiums, apartments, beach houses and more. Timeshares are available for a fixed weekly or monthly basis. Times are benefits usually include vacationing in a resort in a very predictable setting.
One of the biggest drawbacks of a timeshare is that there is no flexibility when it comes to changes. You will also have to pay an annual maintenance fee, even if you don’t end up using it. It is also very difficult to sell it or cancel it. That is why, in this guide, I will be talking about how you can properly cancel your timeshare.

Timeshares usually confer upon buyers, the right annual exclusive to make use of a vacation property for a defined amount of time that is generally measured in one-week increments. I’m sure it would usually have multiple systems.
If you enter into a times our contract and if you have buyers remorse, you may actually be able to cancel the contract if you act quickly. Time is definitely of the essence, and that is why, you need to cancel it, before the contract solidifies.

When you purchase a timeshare, you are purchasing an interest in a whole piece of land or real estate. It would most often be a resort condominium. Timeshare sellers are usually notorious for putting in a very hard sell on potential purchasers. It is not exactly unheard of for a vacation or to attend a sales presentation, just for a free bottle of wine or even a round of golf and then walk out as a timeshare owner. There are some others who end up signing a timeshare contract only to realise that the deal is not exactly as good as it sounded. For example, a lot of times, our buyers are unaware that they are obligated to pay taxes, assessment fees and maintenance fees on a yearly basis. These fees can go up to the thousands in dollars. When you end up adding all of the total financial costs, a lot of people actually change their minds.


Because of the nature of the times are selling tactic, most of the states have enacted laws that would allow timeshare purchasers to cancel their contracts if they end up acting soon. It would be best if you acted within the cancellation period. Different cancellation periods will be in effect for different states. Make sure that you also send your cancellation in writing, so that there is clear proof of it.

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