Got scammed into buying a timeshare? Find Out How to Legally Cancel a Timeshare Contract/Agreement

Many people get scammed into buying timeshare every year and then want to get out of their contract.

Legal professionals agree you can void any contract that was based on fraudulent statements. Timeshare resorts must not legally use high-pressure tactics to force you to buy a timeshare membership. Did your timeshare salesperson tell you any of these common incentives?

  • “This presentation will only last 90 minutes.”
  •  “Buying this week allows you to go anywhere at anytime.”
  •  “The timeshare property is guaranteed to increase in value.”
  •  “This is a safe investment.”
  •  “Your maintenance fees will never increase.”
  •  “This offer is good for today only.”

Do you want to know why the weeks you want are never available?

  • We expose the hidden connection between resorts or travel clubs and your timeshare exchange company.
  • Learn why the points system was created to give you LESS flexibility.
  • Find out why owning a timeshare is a disadvantage for peak season travel.

Are you paying more in fees than your timeshare is worth?

  • Learn how to stop timeshare maintenance payments forever.
  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars for something you hardly use.
  • This book includes actual letters that you can use today to get you out of your timeshare.

We have the resources and the expertise to get the timeshare cancellation completed once and for all. Our affiliated timeshare exit professionals are able to succeed where others may have failed, and our network of affiliates have a proven process that can help cancel all timeshare debt.

We also teach you how to get the BEST timeshare property weeks for cheaper than you could as a timeshare owner.

Imagine how you will feel once you are free of your timeshare obligations:

No more maintenance fees.

  • No more exchange fees.
  • No more special assessments.
  • No more restrictions on travel.
  • No more sales presentations.
  • No more headaches.

And don’t forget, you no longer have to worry about leaving your children a financial burden.

This timeshare release service provides:

  • A guaranteed way to void any timeshare mortgage.
  • A proven method to cancel any timeshare contract.
  • A way out of your ever rising timeshare fees.
  • A never before seen insider’s view of the timeshare industry.
  • A virtual coach to walk you through the entire cancellation process.
  • A simple exit strategy that doesn’t leave your heirs financially responsible.
  • Relief, freedom, and peace of mind.