How to Get Out Of a Timeshare Ownership or How to Exit Timeshare Contract

Stop the Headache! Get Out of your Timeshare Contract.

The sale of a timeshare is an extremely successful way for timeshare resorts to generate consistent profits. The timeshare units are sold at a “presentation”, and the salesmen use attractive incentives to make people attend the sales pitch. Timeshare presentations are usually known for being long-lasting and high pressure. Although many people attend the presentation just for the free gifts, a considerable percentage ends up signing the contract. A timeshare rip off is committed when the people were lied to and taken advantage of by deceptive sales practices, but this is just the beginning of the story.

When timeshare enthusiasts purchase a timeshare, the pay a large amount of money for a depreciating asset, and when timeshare developers refuse to cancel the contract, many timeshare owners look for a way to get rid of their unwanted timeshares, and this is where the story continues. The Timeshare scam is also perpetrated by companies that claim owners to help them with their timeshare situation, whether if they promise to sell it, rent it, donate it, transfer it or cancel the contract. Most of these “miracle” companies turn out to be fraudulent, and unfortunately, quite a lot of people fall into it.

The most common timeshare scams

Timeshare Resorts: As mentioned before, timeshare developers generate big profits out of timeshares, and the salespeople would do anything to get a sale done. The sales pitches used by numerous resorts are frightening and even aggressive, without caring at all for the people’s right to say No and leave the presentation. People are harassed and pressured into signing the contract during hours in a small room. That being said, if you’re not interested in buying a timeshare, do not attend a timeshare presentation. Period.

Timeshare Resales: There are many companies that claim to help you sell your timeshare… after you pay an upfront fee. They will say there is a “hot market” for timeshares, and that you can sell your timeshare for an over realistic price. There is not a “hot market” for timeshares; actually, timeshares are very difficult to sell.

Timeshare Rentals: These companies claim to rent your timeshare unit for an attractive price, but most times, these are just promises in the air. The truth is that timeshares are not very demand for rentals, and you usually need a permission from the resort to rent it.

Timeshare Donation: Donation foundations and organization will hardly take a timeshare as a donation, since timeshares are difficult to sell and generate lots of expenses. Therefore, it’s ok to be suspicious about companies that claim to donate your timeshare easily.

Timeshare Transfer: These type of companies claim to transfer your timeshare to a different person. Regardless what the company might promise, a timeshare transfer is not an easy process, and requires lots of time, efforts and paperwork.

Timeshare Cancellation: Also known as timeshare exit, timeshare disposal or timeshare elimination, there are many timeshare cancellation companies that will tell that they will cancel your contract, but most of them have very vague statements about how the fees are charged.

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